The Path to Buying in today’s real estate world is full of hidden traps.

As the saying goes:

You don’t know what you don’t know”

We can help you avoid many of the home buying pitfalls and make the process easy!

Information is never “free”. Online real estate information companies use our listed properties to garner web hits and page visits. They then sell that traffic data; both to real estate agents through ad space beside listed properties and to advertisers for your browsing habits. One thing is for sure… they are not looking out for your best interests. Be careful where you click!

Our goal is to make your home search easy AND safe. Below is an overview of the steps in the process.

  1. Initial Meeting to Discuss Your Goals
  2. Discuss Buyer Representation and The Form
  3. Explain Various Disclosure Forms
  4. Make a Strategy that fits Your Style
  5. Help you with Insider Tips
  6. Make sure you know how much cash you will need at closing – UP FRONT
  7. Help you get your Financing in order
  8. Creating a specific Custom Home Search for you
  9. Helping with Research on Neighborhoods & Schools
  10. Pointing out Resale Issues so you can avoid them
  11. Explaining How Foreclosures and Short Sales work
  12. Touring Homes like a Pro
  13. Comparable Properties and Pricing
  14. Preparing a Compelling Offer
  15. Negotiating Terms (Timing, Deadlines, Items)
  16. Going Under Contract / Important Deadlines
  17. Due Diligence / Homes Inspections
  18. Dealing with Needed Repairs
  19. The Appraisal (Lender’s Risk Assessment)
  20. Final Loan Approval
  21. Getting your Utilities set up
  22. The Final Walk Through
  23. The Loan Package and Final Conditions
  24. Reviewing the Settlement Statement
  25. Wiring the Funds to Close
  26. What to expect on Closing Day
  27. Filing for Your Homestead Exemption