New Resident?

Here’s How to Get Plugged In!

Moving to any new neighborhood can be daunting. Getting plugged in can take some effort and can even be frustrating. I have seen a lot of changes since moving to Chastain Park in 1994. Back in those days I created maps and directories to meet our neighbors and stay in touch. Today, there are much easier ways for you to get plugged in!

Big Picture

There is no manditory HOA. We have two advocacy groups who care for our neighborhood.

  • The Conservancy manages the area INSIDE the park
  • The Civic Association manages the area OUTSIDE the park

Where is the boundary? It is basically the outermost red line on the map below.Chastain Park Map

Getting Plugged In

  1. Sign up on the free Chastain Park Nextdoor neighborhood website to view posts from residents about neighborhood events (4th of July parade) to items for sale (like amphitheater concert tickets) to security notices to neighborhood advocacy matters.
  2. Join the next Chastain Park Civic Association and go to the next meeting. The simplest explanation is that the civic association basically manages citizen interests in the neighboring residential areas that surround Chastain Park. One of the current civic association priorities is hosting more social events for the residents. The rest of the civic association’s attention is on things like synergy with elected officials, infrastructure improvements, new sidewalks, zoning applications, crime, traffic calming, local development regulations, code violations and other resident concerns.
  3. Join the Chastain Park Conservancy and volunteer. Think of the conservancy as the non-profit organization that advocates for everything INSIDE the park facilities (here is a map – outer red line). “Keeping the park clean, safe and green.” is their mantra and the Conservancy is the primary fund-raising organization when it comes to park improvements like the new playground and the Powers Ferry Rd sidewalk safety improvements. Without them, Chastain Park would be at the mercy of municipal funding and schedules. Get your complimentary first year membership! Just email us at and introduce yourself. We will contact the CPC and get you all set up.
  4. Have children interested in sports? Check NYO out. NYO (Northside Youth Organization) has sports teams of all kinds running throughout the year. This is a HUGE draw for kids in the area!