As a Seller, Here’s What to Expect – Showings and Feedback

Showings and Feedback When you have your home on the market for sale with The Bunch Real Estate Group, we will typically install a Supra Lockbox at the property for showing access and control. But there are options here… If you have concerns about security and access, we can leave the lockbox unattached to your front door and you can set it out by the door during showing appointment times. If we just need it for internal use because your home is Appointment Only, we will install your lockbox in a secret location so it will be onsite but out of view.

Scheduling Showings

We use an online scheduling system called ShowingTime to manage showing appointments. Real Estate Agents will use this system to ask for a time to come by to show your house. You have the option to get these notices directly to confirm the times OR we can manage the requests for you. If you get the requests, you will have the most notice because you will get the notices directly.

Each time an agent accesses your lockbox, there will be an electronic stamp and the system will email us with the time and the agent’s contact information. Here is an example below:

For safety and security it is important that we keep a record of every person that gains access to your house during the time it is on the market. So, if you let someone in please make sure you know who they are.  If it is a showing agent and you happen to be home, please ask them to access the lockbox anyway so we can log them in as having shown or seen your property. Professional agents should have no problem with this request. In fact, they should expect it. If there are any concerns, do not hesitate to call us immediately.

Lockbox access works the same way for other full-time service providers when you are Under Contract – like the buyer’s home inspector, the appraiser and the termite inspector.  Typically they have a lockbox key of their own and are able to gain access without you having to be home.

Seeking Feedback after a Showing

Showing Feedback Listing Agents have various ways to go about obtaining feedback after a showing. Buyer Agents are usually busy out showing property and are not the easiest people to reach for feedback. Options to ask for feedback range from a phone call or text to an automated barrage of emails. These days more and more agents are using automated email systems for collecting feedback. Our approach is different – we choose to personalize our request for feedback rather that relying on automated approaches alone.

We came up with a simple approach and it has been so well received that we get great feedback nearly every time! We call it our “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” email and it goes like this:

“I could sing you that song, but I’d much rather hear what you thought of our listing at 123 MAIN STREET, ATLANTA, GA when you showed it! Here are some photos to jog your memory. The home is priced at $5,000,000” (pick a number – our email works in all price ranges). This works because it stands out and makes showing agents laugh. It feels personal.

Getting Quality Feedback

Getting quality feedback after a showing is really the goal.  Our “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” email is just a winsome way to get the showing agent to respond to us.  Once they do, we approach showing feedback like investigative journalism.  We “interview” each showing agent we reach to thank them for showing our listing and see how we can help them with their buyer. We want to know what their buyer is looking for, how large of an area they are looking in, what is really driving their search. Ideally, the discussion will lead to helping overcome any obstacles that may be in the way of an offer.  If it looks like our listing is not a good fit, at least we know more about where our competition is.  Then we will pay special attention to any nearby sales to see if that agent shows up as the selling agent on one of the competing properties.  This kind of feedback provides crucial data so we can advise our sellers of any adjustments that need to be made along the way in order to get their house SOLD.

Agent won’t Return our Call or Email

The frustrating reality is though that No Feedback is feedback. No system works 100% of the time and ours is not immune to being ignored.  If the showing agent is super busy and our listing is not in the running, we may not get a response. If our listing is a top contender, we will probably not get a response – because they do not want to tip their hand that their client has serious interest. We will know which case we have in a couple of days.  Buyers will not be denied something they want.  If the buyer has any interest in making an offer – we will know about it in a few days.  If we have to chase them down… there is probably no use. Whining, shaming and scolding to get feedback will only burn up good will and sound desperate.  We are better off leaving the door open for them to come back if their other choices do not work out.  Our approach: kill them with kindness and stay in touch. Things can change.  Another buyer could nab their first choice and they could be back…

How often will I get Feedback?

We know our Sellers are on the edge of their seats waiting for feedback from showings and events. Our desire is to relay feedback as soon as we have it AND summarize it chronologically as we go along for future reflection. On the fly, we will be texting updates or relaying feedback via email. We provide recap summaries weekly – typically on Monday afternoons so they can include any Open House results. 

Hope this helps! Now, let’s get your house SOLD.