When it comes to putting a house on the market, our Dual Staging Process gives Sellers the Competitive Edge!

Dual Staging Process Gives Sellers the Competitive Edge!

For us, Staging goes deeper than cosmetics (decor, furniture, accessories, etc). We offer a Dual Staging Process for our client’s properties and it has drawn rave reviews. When a client of ours indicates that they want to put their house on the market, we dispatch our dynamic duo for the appointment. Michelle orchestrates the Cosmetics while Dane tackles the Components (Yard, Roof, Drainage, Retaining Walls, HVAC, Foundation, Exterior facade, etc). By having two specialists on site to walk through each property we are able to deliver advice on both what the Buyer will see AND what their inspector will see.

StagingToo many times we see Sellers having to renegotiate their sale price because of major surprises during the Buyer’s Due Diligence process (commonly referred to as the Home Inspection). Our process seeks to anticipate larger and more costly items. Identifying issues up front allows time to evaluate them properly. Most times those items can be bid out to multiple qualified contractors to find the best solution – without huge time pressure and second guessing from a buyer. The reality is that there is rarely enough time investigate issues when you are in the middle of the inspection process. So usually the parties have to negotiate some sort of time extension.

Being proactive has many benefits. The most important one is probably that when one of our Sellers negotiates a sale price and starts planning their next move based on what they should net, they can do so confidently. The whole equation doesn’t fall apart due to a costly curve ball that could have been anticipated.

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