When it comes to selecting a Listing Agent for the sale of your home, most of the difference between real estate agents comes down to temperament, work ethic and broker support (in that order). The Listing Agent should be your primary advocate in the process. They manage all of the details. If we use a football analogy, the Listing Agent is your Head Coach.


We start with this because your agent’s temperament colors the entire process. The term Co-op implies that your agent is a great co-operator with other agents. That they are friendly and engaging. Someone other agents want to work with. Someone who is warm and welcoming at events like Open Houses and Broker Caravans. Someone who is helpful and patient on phone calls.

Work Ethic

An agent’s or a team’s work ethic is the bulldozer that keeps your sale moving towards closing. But not all work ethics are headed in the same direction. Primary Motive is the key to the work ethic. Is the goal to close the deal or get the seller the best price in the shortest amount of time with the least hassle?

Our trademark is fighting for the highest price possible. Sometimes that means we can be stubborn. If our strategy does not work perfectly the first time, we dig in. Our stats may suffer. Our ego may get bruised. But we don’t quit! We sleep well at night knowing full well that our sellers are getting the best advice we can muster -especially when the going gets tough and the high road is harder to take.

Broker Support

Many people assume that it may take a particular company to give them their best chance for selling their home. After 22 years, we have seen that broker name has very little direct relevance to any particular sale. None of the major online search engines allow you to search on broker name.

Brokers do matter indirectly though. Because not all real estate brokers have the same culture. Some are more bureaucratic, some more entrepreneurial. That factors into the support and flexibility your Listing Agent will have when it comes to marketing your home. We believe sellers are best served by empowered agents who do not rely on large organizations to crank out their marketing. Real estate is highly competitive and your marketing plan needs to be nimble and creative!

Things in the Seller’s Control

List Price

Real estate agents come up with the list price in multiple ways. Unlike many places in the U.S., the Atlanta marketplace tax records are not reliable when it comes to square footages. This due to the mixture of sources and lack of a standardized measurement protocol. In-town properties also vary wildly with renovations so comparisons can be difficult. Getting this part right takes determination and research. You should be nervous if any agent quotes you a list price quickly. They would have to be the neighborhood expert in a fairly uniform grouping of homes to be able to do that.

Market conditions also change. We liken prices to having the shelf life of an avocado. A steady stream of new closed sales and new listings can change the market pricing every few weeks. As a seller, you want to have your finger on the pulse so you can remain competitive.


In most resale situations, property condition can run the gamut from “Original Condition” to Brand New. We are not talking about foreclosures and distressed sales here. Agents do play a key role here because educating a home seller on what “show ready” condition means is crucial. Everything comes down to the competing properties and the condition the educated buyers will expect.

We use a professional stager. In fact, we use two of them – one for the look & feel and one for the systems & house components.

Marketing / Communication

Just about every agent takes photos and puts their listings on the MLS. That seems like a basic expectation but based on some online listings we see, not all agents have the same commitment to quality. We believe every seller deserves professional grade photography! All you have to do is Google an agent’s name along with the word Zillow to see the way they market properties online. The proof is in their current listings.

Another difference is in how the Listing Agent tells your story. It must be both compelling AND believable. On the MLS, we have to tell that story with a Price, 576 characters worth of description, data fields and about 6 photos. Online shoppers have no patience and if we do not capture their interest with those things, the battle is probably lost.

Lastly, we refer to our Marketing as a “campaign” for a reason. It is thorough and ongoing! We are on the phones every weekday morning prospecting for your buyer. We run targeted online advertising to get directly in front of the prospective buyers. We hold events to get in front of other agents. We are pro-active rather than reactive. In fact, we market and advocate for your property with prospective buyers all the way up and through the closing.

Want to know more?

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